Do You FEEL like THIS??

         But CRAVE to Feel like THIS???

Some of the saddening statistics…BUT it doesn’t have to be this way!


Couples Citing Money Problems in Divorce


Families with Less than $1,000 in Savings


Families with NOTHING ($0) for Emergencies


Kids Wanting to be Smarter with Money

Take Simple Steps – with Caring and Expert Guidance!

Gaining new money skills CAN be FUN!

Many adults feel they need more knowledge to safely handle their money…and when costs exceed their income month after painful month…they lose hope of ever getting ahead.

We truly understand that feeling of hopelessness. As your Money Mentors, we have all been there – check out our stories here!

Our commitment – along with many dedicated community leaders in Cowlitz County, is to give you a HELPING HAND UP…not a hand out.  We will bring lots of tools and tips to the party…

BUT, you have to commit to showing up and doing the work. We’ll be there to help. If you are open and willing, you will take great strides toward a brighter financial future. 


Why do we get so messed up about money?

The simple truth about money is that most families (seriously almost every single family) have experienced at least one form of money trauma in their life.  It can be any of the following:

Job Loss
Economic Recession
Divorce or Death
Illness or Injury
Lack of Education (this is a big one!)


Regardless of why financial challenges come our way – there is one common factor:  The bills just keep on coming, right?

Add to that glitzy advertising, wanting to feel important, and let’s face it – just having nice, shiny new things…any of these can lure us right into the river of overspending – one that becomes a trap that is harder and harder to escape.

With Dollars and Good Sense, we’ll give you practical tools to help reduce your risk of overspending, help you stop drowning in debt, hopefully avoid bankruptcy and start building your financial future with hope and purpose – for you and your family!


Money Learning CAN be FUN! (Seriously)

Getting our family money goals all on the same page!

One of the unique aspects of our program is that when all members of the family are learning rock-solid money skills at the same time, it’s easier to achieve healthy financial goals!



You’ll meet Sparky at the event…he is super awesome and has some great stories to help you with money fears…so you can fly high!

What you will learn with Dollars and Good Sense...
  • First, that this is a safe place to learn and play – and play we will do!
  • Attitudes and Habits about Money
  • Why Money Stuff can get so Messy!
  • Establishing Dreams and Goals (they are important when thinking about $$)
  • How the Want Monsta messes with us adults too – and how to  outsmart him
  • Budgeting 101 – simple tools that work year after year!
  • Smart and Dumb Debt Choices
  • Loans, mortgages and interest – oh my!
  • Credit – Reports, Repair and Management
  • Strategy ideas – get out of the box and have fun with money plans!
  • Legacy Stuff – Do you have a Will? If not, how to make sure you are covered – this is near and dear to Deb’s heart
  • Some fun tips for grandparents, aunties and uncles too
  • Connecting what you learned with Dollars and Good Sense to what your kids learned with Smart Money Commanders!
  • How you can continue on your Money Wellness journey!


to Our Generous Agency & Business SPONSORS and Community Contributors!

Many, many local families will be positively impacted and strengthened because of YOU!



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