~~~~~  The Program  ~~~~~

DGSF serves anyone who wants to learn smarter money skills, but our heart is to help families in crisis. We currently support all ages (3 – 103) with age guided financial literacy education.

We believe that the magic to life-long family financial well being and the cornerstone to breaking generational poverty lies in fun, whole family simultaneous learning that allows every family member to get on the same money page, set goals, and grow their money muscles – at the same time – in their best learning style.

Our foundation offers four modular, age-appropriate packages to serve all people, listed below

Our array of engaging content—articles, quizzes, puppets, videos, plus practical digital learning tools and modules including apps—are designed to educate on personal finance in a meaningful, personal, and fun way

Ruby’s Troupe



Smart Money Commanders

Age Group:

2 to 10

Watch Tina having FUN with her Money Jars!
Needs vs Wants
The princess learns a smart lesson while Zander shares “NINJA SKILLS” to outsmart the wily Want Monster!
Fun “planning games” to be super smart with your money!
Savvy Shopping
Peggy Sue and Candy share about treasure hunting, sales, re-using, recycling and more!
Giving and Sharing
Mr. Wisewood explains how being generous with others makes your HEART SMILE!
A fun and empowering graduation ceremony



Adventures in Puppetopia

Paying Attention
Pet Care
Being a Good Friend
Fire Safety



Young Adult Program

Age Group:

11 to 24

Earning Income
Today, people are able to earn an income in a variety of ways. Students will explore different income-earning opportunities and also learn the basics of starting a business.
Savings and Budgeting
Students will learn how to start saving, and review the best saving strategies that will help them increase the funds in their bank account.
Behavioral Finance
Students will learn about the psychology of money and how certain life factors impact personal finance decisions
Buying Goods and Services
Students will learn the difference between needs and wants, and how to be savvy shoppers.
Using Credit
Students will learn the difference between credit & debit and how to use credit to help build their financial future and explore how NOT to use credit.
Financial Investing
Students will learn the basics of investing, explore the difference between trading and investing, and determine how to find the best stocks for their personal portfolio. Students will participate in an investment simulation to see how well their stocks would perform in real life.
Protecting and Insuring
Identify theft and other cyber crimes are on the rise in today’s digital age. Students will learn how to best protect themselves online. Also, students will learn what insurance is, and why it is needed to help secure their assets in case of unforeseeable mishaps.
College and Entrepreneurship
Students will learn how much it costs to attend college, explore how to find a college that fits their budget, and learn difference between loans, grants, and other payment options


Dollars and Good Sense

Family Fun Money Games

Age Group:

18 to 103

Attitudes and Core Values Identifying yourself and your family values
Dreams and Goals Dare to Dream, develop a vision and set goals
Strategy Savings, Checking, Loans, Debts, the Future
Savings Safety Net, Unemployment, Opportunity Fund
Credit Mortgages, Credit Scores, repair, pitfall, scams
Debt Credit Cards, Rent vs Buy, Loans
Budgeting Tips for Success Food, Health Care, Income Loss, The Future, Tithing
Legacy and Taxes Investing, Retirement, Legacy, Wills, POA, Taxes
Advanced Program Topics Current Topics, more tips for your success
Do’s and Dont’s Federal Programs, State Programs, Employers
Tools for Success Debt Slayer, Games, Resources and Websites