At Dollars and Good Sense Foundation, we build financial HOPE and Sustainability, by empowering families with FUN, SMART and ACHIEVABLE financial literacy education – for the ENTIRE FAMILY

When a family grows and strengthens their “money muscles” they can walk away from despair and begin to realize their dreams – while contributing to a stronger, more vibrant and healthier community and world. 

Your donation will sponsor an entire family with professional, caring and GUIDED WHOLE FAMILY financial literacy education – in their best learning style, at the same time for an entire year.  That’s the magic in Family Fun Money Games ™ – and it works! 

Also, if your employer supports charitable matching, your gift could double and sponsor TWO families for a year!  Now, that is savvy giving!  After all, that’s what Smart Money Commanders do!

Dollars and good Sense Foundation Terms of Agreement This authorization to charge my credit card is just like writing a check to Dollars and Good Sense Foundation or making a charge on my credit card, except that it will be done directly. I understand that each transaction will appear on my monthly credit card statement. I further understand that this agreement will remain in effect until I notify Dollars and Good Sense Foundation Coordinator that I wish to change or suspend it, and Dollars and Good Sense Foundation has a reasonable amount of time to fulfill my request.

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to Our Generous Agency & Business SPONSORS and Community Contributors!

Many, many local families will be positively impacted and strengthened because of YOU!



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