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Character Shows for Kids age 3-9

Your child will laugh and learn amazing CHARACTER skills like listening, sharing, playing with others, not disobeying, fire safety and yes, even pet care !

Join the fun with our star Ruby and all of her 100+ funny friends!  There’s also games, silly songs and valuable lessons along the way – for an entire year. We hope you’ll come along!!!

Super Fun Money Smarts for Kids age 3-9

Amazing interactive theater program with six zany shows to help your child learn fun and informative money terms, habits and skills!

Comes with Top Secret Commander Coaches Notes so parents can confidently guide their Smart Money Commander Cadet along the way – for an entire year!

Real-Life Learning for Your Teens & College Students

Robust,engaging real-life money skills at your teen or young adult’s fingertips – for an entire year! Everything is available “on-the-go” in a secure portal – the way they learn best!

Practical money skills for saving, spending, debt, college costs, credit, getting a job, and more plus podcasts, games and friendly competitions.

Dollars and Good Sense – Singles

Smart money skills are a vital part of your life.

Join other singles for an entire year – learning savvy ways to save, spend, budget, buy a home, car, vacations, etc.

You’ll also learn smart ways to set money aside for a comfortable retirement, giving and legacy planning.

You’d be amazed at how much fun it is too!

Dollars and Good Sense – Couples

It’s so vital for couples to learn, grow and be able to discuss money together – so you can both understand each others dreams and goals.

You’ll learn saving, spending, debt, credit, how to buy homes and cars, vacations, retirement, legacy and many other big life decisions.

Working together and guided by a team of caring professionals for an entire year, you can chart your course to realizing the financial dreams that are important to both of you!

Family Fun Money Games – Family

When the family learns smart money skills together – that is where the magic truly happens!

The entire Family Fun Money Games program will be yours – your kids, your teens and yes, even for you parents!

A full year of secure guided learning – with fun, games and loving, open money conversations!

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