Meet Your Dollars and Good Sense Smart Money Mentors

We are a team of passionate, experienced and truly dedicated money and business professionals, with HUGE HEARTS to help your family get Smart with Money!

P.S.  Check out our FUN Short Video Stories below each of our bios…
Debbie Todd, CPA, CTP, CGMA, CFEI

Debbie Todd, CPA, CTP, CGMA, CFEI

Dreams & Goals, Saving, Fun Budgets, Debt. Legacy and Smart Money Mentor

As the eldest child of a humble, yet proud and dedicated military family, Debbie grew up learning first-hand the value of making your money stretch…as well as understanding how quickly impulsive choices can get you trapped.

In her late 20s,, Debbie’s world turned upside down within 72 hours.  Her husband was laid off from his construction job on a Wednesday… and then the plant that she had worked at for 5 years closed the doors on Friday.  Poof…just like that.  We both lost our jobs the same week…with four kids at home to feed.

The first child in her blue-collar family to finish college in her early 30s, she knows it really is possible to change your circumstances and realize your dreams…one step and one decision at a time.  But it takes caring support and guidance along the way…

With over 20 years as a licensed CPA and money wellness mentor, her passion to help families learn and grow in their core financial knowledge is the perfect backdrop for teaching practical, FUN and financially sound money habits…for kids as well as adults!

You can learn more about Debbie’s personal story and WHY helping others is a matter of the heart for her –  read by clicking here.

Larry Frazier

Larry Frazier

International IT and Money Tech Guru, Tools & Strategy Guide and Smart Money Mentor

Larry is an internationally recognized IT, logistics and training expert, with over two decades of business and training experience with tech enterprise giant Oracle.

Right out of high school, he began his love of technology during his service to our country in the United States Air Force.

Holding a BS in computer science as well as being Six Sigma certified, Larry knows how to maximize learning – whether in the classroom or in the field – anywhere in the world.

In addition to his tech geekiness, Larry LOVES to build and fix things.  He has done extensive remodel work on their family home (saving lots of $$) and has been known to tear apart a transmission over the weekend.

You might also find him cooking a scrumptious breakfast for his wife, kids and grandkids on the weekend before he goes outside to play Frisbee with his pup Casey.

Larry’s professional expertise with technology, his passion for numbers and logistics and his “honest school of real life” teaching style allows him to bring a uniquely fresh, understandable and action-focused experience so families gain practical skills with their money – for LIFE!

Aubrey Bain

Aubrey Bain

Credit Repair & Management, Mortgages, Loans and Smart Money Mentor

Aubrey Bain, a busy mom of two and an avid coffee drinker, spent 6 years in banking and finance helping families get back on their financial feet during the uncertain years following the Great Recession.

During that time, Aubrey developed a true passion for helping real families make simple yet strategic financial decisions. She loves teaching fun and practical tips involving credit as well as navigating all types of home mortgages to get you the best result for your family.

Aubrey was blessed to have grown up in a nurturing and loving home, but realized that she needed more skills to achieve money wellness for life. She knows from working with countless families just how important rock-solid support is to your journey to lifelong money wellness – and her passion is to help YOU!

Aubrey’s experience includes credit cards, credit repair and recovery, mortgages & home equity loans to all facets of smart debt consolidation. 

And, the best part…Aubrey makes it super-fun for everyone to get SMART with Money!