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Partners and sponsors

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We get support from individuals, organizations, and institutions dedicated to bringing families closer to financial freedom. Our partners and sponsors generously contribute financial support, provide valuable logistical assistance, connect us with families, raise awareness of our mission, and more.

If you share our vision and values, we invite you to join us on this journey and make a lasting impact on the lives of families in need and create a financially stronger community.
Community partners

Our community partners drive collective impact

Our community partners are organizations, businesses, and individuals who share our vision and values. They play a vital role in expanding our reach and effectiveness, allowing us to make a meaningful impact in the lives of those we serve.
Here are some ways our community partners help us:
Sharing program details with potential participants
Organizing and hosting in-person kick off events
Providing local outreach support
Connecting us with other community leaders
Corporate sponsors

Our corporate sponsors transform communities

We work with organizations and foundations who invest in the financial stability and well-being of our communities through charitable giving. Financial contributions of various sizes can support us to provide financial literacy and help us expand our reach and impact even more families and individuals.
Here are some ways our corporate sponsors help us:
Providing financial support to fund our program
Covering event costs for in-person kick off events such as venue, catering, or childcare
Promoting employee engagement for
Why partner and sponsor us

Unlock greater impact,for
you and the community

Amplify meaningful social impact

Work towards a common goal of building a financially empowered community, where families gain the confidence to navigate their financial futures on their own.

Recognition and appreciation

As a token of gratitude from us, get recognized through website, social media, and event recognition, showcasing a deep commitment to financial literacy of the community.

Enhanced visibility and reputation

Your commitment to our cause fosters trust and loyalty in the community and enhances your reputation as a responsible member of the society.

Mutual benefit for all

Supporting financial learning creates a positive impact on the community that extends to your employees and their families benefiting your organization as well.

Leverage collaboration

Leverage the complementary strengths, collaborate on our mission, and amplify our reach, ultimately working towards making financial literacy accessible for all.

Tailored support and tools

Together, identify and address specific challenges within your local community, developing targeted education programs to make a tangible difference for all ages.
Our impact

What our sponsorssay
about us

With gratitude

Our partners
and sponsors strengthen
our impact

We’re thankful for their commitment to the cause of
making financial literacy accessible for all.
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At Dollars and Good Sense Foundation, we are looking for partners who share our values and goals in helping families and individuals achieve financial stability and success. We are excited to explore collaboration opportunities to bring about a significant and long-lasting impact in promoting financial education.