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Our story

Our journey of igniting financial

Our story is about empowering individuals to manage their finances with confidence and freeing families from financial stress. It is a journey that showcases the transformative impact of our work. But our journey doesn’t stop here.

Our impact

A journey of transforming lives begins

Our story started with a small group of passionate individuals who shared a common goal: to transform the way people approach money management. We recognized the gaps in traditional financial education methods and saw an opportunity to create something innovative and impactful. Fuelled by a collective desire for change, we set out on a journey to develop a comprehensive and engaging financial learning platform.

1996 to 2015

Fulfilling a dream

Fueled by personal struggles and a degree in Accounting and Finance, Dollars and Good Sense Foundation was born to help families manage their finances and gain money skills.

2016 to 2018

All about the kiddos

With our fun puppet shows, we bring joyful financial education to children, helping them learn about finances and creating a “whole family” learning experience about money.

2018 to 2019

For the entire family

After months of planning we launched the Family-Fun-Money Games aimed to help families achieve financial wellness, resulting in heartwarming success stories.

2020 to present

Looking to the future

We digitized our entire curriculum, making it accessible anytime, anywhere. We are now a 501c3 global non-profit, making tax deductible donations easier.

Our founder’s story

Debbie’s journey of financial transform empowerment

Having seen multiple financial ups and down, Debbie Todd stood strong each time to help her family and the families around her to take charge of their financial situation and make the right choices. With over 20 years of experience as a financial coach, Debbie is passionately helping families manage and grow their money.
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Our unique approach to financial education is interactive, practical, and enjoyable. Through immersive activities, games, and real-life scenarios, we create a learning environment that promotes active participation. This ensures that everyone grasps financial concepts and develops the skills and confidence to apply them in the real world.

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