The Community Mission:  Smarter Money Skills Help Families Thrive!


Couples Citing Money Problems in Divorce


Families with Less than $1,000 in Savings


Families with NOTHING ($0) for Emergencies


Kids Wanting to be Smarter with Money

Our WHY…for Smart Money Commander Kids!

“Because Tomorrow’s Philanthropists and World Changers are sitting in Booster Seats today!”~Phyllis Matson


Fun EARLY Money Learning...

*Kids learn 75% of their core habits and beliefs by age 7…yes, age 7!
*Empowering kids to be Smart with Money can change their future…
*The money jar video shares our big WHY.

Why Interactive Theater?

*Kids learn VERY differently than adults…actively, by touch and experience.
*Positive interactive theater engages young minds with wholesome and memorable stories and is designed in their best learning language. 
*Concepts reinforced with age-appropriate hands-on learning activities


Academic Standards

Smart Money Commanders™ was designed by a caring grandma who also happens to be a licensed CPA and CFEI.  Following the NFECs Educational Standards for Early Childhood Education, we have taken great care to incorporate academically accepted key learning concepts into every module.

Extracurricular Activities

Although we had a blast designing and recording the theater shows…it’s the hands-on activities, games, color pages and other fun resources that REALLY put SMART MONEY COMMANDERS™ in a class by itself…

School financing and education business concept as a group of children drawing a hopscotch game on a floor with dollar signs as a symbol of student loans and paying for schooling fees.

Simple, Effective Technology and Resources

Smart Money Commanders™ is designed to be delivered both in small group live seminar formats as well as being easily accessible online, so parents aren’t locked into a rigid meeting schedule.  Either way, there is lots of support and guidance for both parent and child success!

The Vision and Results


 Building Stronger, Healthier Communities by Empowering Families with Simple, Fun and Smart Money Skills!

As caring local leaders, we know families and small businesses are truly the heartbeat of our community.  When they are growing and thriving, we ALL benefit.  When they are struggling, we all feel the strain – physically, emotionally and financially.                  TOGETHER we can make this vision a REALITY!

Additional Details about the Program, the Statistics and the Methodology behind Our Program…


to Our Generous Agency & Business SPONSORS and Community Contributors!

Many, many local families will be positively impacted and strengthened because of YOU!



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