Imagine the impact you will make by helping a family get to where they want to be with their finances! 


For $19 per month or $197 for a year, you have the ability to transform an entire family’s future FOR LIFE!


There are multiple budget friendly ways you can help …..


We’re excited to share our new “live virtual” interactive sessions – with multi-modal options to fit a families needs and schedule!

~~~~~  The Program  ~~~~~

Smart Money Commanders

(age 2 to 10)

Watch Tina having FUN with her Money Jars!

Needs vs Wants
The princess learns a smart lesson while Zander shares
“NINJA SKILLS” to outsmart the wily Want Monster!

Fun “planning games” to be super smart with your money!

Savvy Shopping
Peggy Sue and Candy share about treasure hunting, sales, re-using, recycling and more!

Giving and Sharing
Mr. Wisewood explains how being generous with others makes your HEART SMILE!

A fun and empowering graduation ceremony




Dollars and Good Sense

(age 11 to 103)

Attitudes and Core Values
Identifying yourself and your family values

Dreams and Goals
Dare to Dream, develop a vision and set goals

Savings, Checking, Loans, Debts, the Future

Safety Net, Unemployment, Opportunity Fund

Mortgages, Credit Scores, repair, pitfall, scams

Credit Cards, Rent vs Buy, Loans

Dollars and Good Sense (cont)


Budgeting Tips for Success
Food, Health Care, Income Loss, The Future, Tithing

Legacy and Taxes
Investing, Retirement, Legacy, Wills, POA, Taxes

Advanced Program Topics
Current Topics, more tips for your success

Do’s and Dont’s
Federal Programs, State Programs, Employers

Tools for Success
Debt Slayer, Games, Resources and Websites


to Our Generous Agency & Business SPONSORS and Community Contributors!

Many, many local families will be positively impacted and strengthened because of YOU!



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