One of the biggest regrets we have heard from friends, colleagues and clients over the years is that they wished they had learned better skills with money so they could help their kids and grandkids get off the next generation money madness rollercoaster. 

Over the last 25 years, millions of money books, tapes, podcasts and self-help videos have flooded the market and the internet.  Lack of information is not the problem.  Overwhelmed with data, families don’t know what to do, nor have they learned how to make changes.

Changing old habits is uncomfortable – but living in perpetual money chaos is harder.  Thousands of advertisements daily and society’s perception of rich and successful only compounds the problem.  

We believe that the magic to life-long family financial wellbeing and the cornerstone to breaking generational poverty lies in fun, whole family simultaneous learning that allows every family member to get on the same money page, set goals, and grow their money muscles – at the same time – in their best learning style.  Theater and puppet shows delight “the littles,” but I also discovered that teens and adults love them too – letting down their guard, laughing and learning right along. 

With guided community support and accountability, families are able to learn without shame, dream without fear, and chart their own course with simple and persistent actions.  As Ben Franklin said, “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I remember, engage me and I will learn.”