Dollars and Good Sense Foundation

We provide fun
financial learning
for families

We’re a non-profit that empowers families in need to achieve
financial well-being through fun, supportive educational programs.

We understand

Do these thoughts run through your mind?

If you experience anxiety about your finances, you’re not alone. Our coaches will provide you with the guidance you need to gain confidence in managing your money.
Do you feel overwhelmed when it comes to money?
Do you wish you and your family understood finances better?
Do you feel anxious about your family’s financial future?
Do you feel like you have missed out on opportunities?

We understand

Building a secure
financial future for you and your family

Our programs have helped hundreds of families meet their financial goals. We believe that learning about money as a family can lead to better financial decisions now and in the future.


families set up their wills and documents


purchased first homes within 6 months


members strengthened their retirement plan


average increase in savings towards financial goals

Our programs

Get started on your
learning journey

Our programs can help your family navigate the complexities of personal finance, make informed choices, and unlock your potential.

We offer engaging age-appropriate programs that allow you and your family members to learn financial skills at the same time.

Step 1: Register for a program

Register your family through our program registration form. We’ll email you to confirm the start date for your program and other details.

Step 2: Join a kick-off event

After you have registered for a program, there will be a kick-off session based on the type of course that you are taking. It maybe a live kickoff, it could be a virtual kickoff, or it could be a digital video about how to use our digital content. Based on the program you register for, we will email you to confirm the start date for your program and other details.

Step 3: Attend live sessions

Based on the program that you register for, you will have the opportunity to attend in person live events or live virtual events. How to join either live or live virtual events will be conveyed to you through your portal page.

Step 4: Take online courses

Regardless of the program you sign up for, you will be given access to all of our digital content for 1 year from the time you attend your kick-off class. Over 182 videos and workbooks to help your family navigate the complexities of personal finance.
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